New Competition Format “Individual” (version 1.9)

Version 1.9 is available for download and contains a new Competition Format.

Next to Leagues and Knockout Tournaments where 2 competitors (or 2 teams) compete in Matches, an “Individual” format is available now. This format fits those sports where there is a score for each individual player (or team). This makes the format applicable to:

  • Golf – strokeplay (for matchplay, the Knockout format can be used)
  • Shooting / Archery
  • Athletics (*)

When creating a Competition you can select the number of rounds per Match (like: 9 holes in golf, or 10 shots in archery). In addition, set how the scoring/ranking shall be computed.

(*) Next to scores that are numbers (0, 1, 6, etc) we’ll add “time” in the near future.