Version 1.12.5 is available now

The main enhancement of version 1.12.5 is the improved implementation of the import feature that used to be available when logged in as admin only.

A user that can create a single new Member can now upload multiple Members from a CSV file too. An import wizard (on the ‘Add new Member’ admin page) guides the upload process.

The same holds for Invoice creation. Next to a single Invoice, a user can create a multitude of Invoices by using a wizard on the ‘Add new Invoice’ admin page.


These implementations are based on the REST API that is available in WordPress. The REST API has now been enabled for this plugin too, albeit in a limited way yet.

In the near future, the REST API will become available for Competitions and Matches too. The API will support a smoother creation and editing of Matches and Competitors.

Stay tuned…

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