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Thanks for your interest in the “Sports Club Management” WordPress plugin!

I have created this plugin based on 10+ years of experience with ‘home crafted’ support for my own badminton club. Started writing code for managing the club’s member ‘in the cloud’ and added an invoice option later.

Things became more interesting for our members after I included team information, leagues and match calendars.

Having switched to WordPress for managing the club’s site, I started looking into porting the club’s data (member, competitions, etc.) to WordPress. And the first ideas of creating a plugin were there.

Having the plugin in use for almost 2 years, I decided to donate it to “the community” in February 2016. It’s such I great tool for our club, I’d love to see others enjoy using it too.

From the beginning, I had a couple of high level requirements in mind for the plugin:

  1. Must be able to have the features I was already using for years for my own club
  2. Must not restrict itself to one sport only; must be usable for as many sports as possible
  3. Must build upon WordPress and its features (do not invent wheels that WordPress already offers)

If you have any suggestions for improvement, questions on usage that are not covered in this site’s documentation, or like to contribute to the translation, just let me know!

If you like the plugin, don’t forget to rate it.

…. Pieter Struik

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I decided to create the Sports Club Management plugin in 2013. At first, it felt natural to port my home grown php/mysql club management package to WordPress after switching to using WordPress. That was step 1, to decide to create a WordPress plugin. Step 2 was to actually do it; which turned out to be a lot of work since there were so many features to port and I wanted to stay as close to the built-in strength of WordPress.