Competition Groups

A Competition Group bundles multiple Competitions.

Assuming your club has 6 teams and 8 junior teams that all participate in their own competition in one season (or year). Yet you want to indicate that these are the 14 teams that together represent your club in the season: create a Competition Group and link all 14 competitions to it.

By doing this you can display all teams in the Competition Group together on your site.

Creating, editing, and deleting a Competition Group

Create a new Competition Group by clicking the ‘Add New Competition Group’ button on the Competition Groups page.add_new_competition_group
You can enter the following information for a Member:

  • Title
    Any post in WordPress has a title. Enter a title that reflect the special reason why Competitions are part of this group, like “Season 2015” or “Club Championships 2016”.
  • Fields (Competition Group Data)
    In the current version of the plugin, there is one field with a fixed (default) value that cannot be changed.
  • Categories, content, featured image

Editing and deleting a Competition Group works like any WordPress post.

Note: Competitions create references to Competition Groups. Deleting a Competition Group will break this reference. If you want to delete a Competition Group, it is recommended to deselect the Competition Group link from the application Competitions.

Assigning a Competition Group to a Competition

Select the Competition’s page.

In the Competition Data box, you see a ‘Competition group’ field.

The field’s drop-down list has all the Competition Groups. Select one and save the post to link this Competition to the group.