Like any other WordPress post, Matches can be created, edited, and deleted.

Next to creating a single Match, it is possible to add multiple Matches in one go. Use the wizard and follow the steps. 
(Note: not for Knockout Tournaments)

Creating an individual Match is typically not done, however. This is because Matches are most of the time automatically generated when creating a Competition.

Editing a Match


To edit a Match, go to a Competition post and find the Matches listed in the Matches meta-box.

In this example, the League has four Competitors and 12 Matches. Click on the first Match and the Match’s post is displayed (in a new tab).

You can enter the following information for a Match.

  • Title
    Any post in WordPress has a title. Most of the time, you can leave the generated (default) name unchanged. Change the title when content – like a match preview or some story on the match after it has been played – has been added for this Match (post).
  • Fields (Match Data)

    This is the record for an individual Match. The ‘Result’ is the (final) score of the Match. Depending on the sport, it is a score like 3-1 or a score that has sets/games like 6-2 / 6-7 / 7-5. It’s possible to include half-time (or period) scores too. Use brackets “(” and “)” for this. Note: anything between brackets is considered to be a comment only and not taken into account when computing ranks or match winners.
    As usual, the winner in a Match of multiple sets/games is the Competitor that has won most sets/games. If the ranking for a certain Competition Format involves points (and point differences), these points indicate how many sets/games have been won and lost and does not include the points of individual sets. As an example, 6-2 / 6-7 / 7-5 gives a 2-1 points result.
    Here are a number of examples of a correct score:
    • 3-1
    • 3-1 (1-1)
      where 1-1 is the half-time score
    • 3-1 (2-0 / 0-1 / 1-0)
      where 2-0, 0-1, and 1-0 are period scores
    • 6-2 / 6-7 / 7-5
    • 6-2 / 6-7 (9) / 7-5
      where 9 indicates result of a tie-break in tennis
    • 6-2 / 6-3 (player B withdraws: injury)
      anything between brackets  Рtext too Рis considered a comment
    • 108 (16.12) – 52 (7.10)
      a work-around for Australian rules Football
    • 20 (0-20) -19 (2-13)
      a work-around for Hurling

Save the entered data (and close the browser tab to return to the Competition post; continue entering data for the remaining Matches).