Like any other WordPress post, Competitors can be created, edited, and deleted.

Next to creating a single Competitor, it is possible to add multiple Competitors in one go. Use the wizard and follow the steps. 

Note: today, the wizard support creation of Member competitors only.

Creating an individual Competitor is typically not done, however. This is because Competitors are most of the time automatically generated when creating a Competition.

Editing a Competitor


To edit a Competitor, go to a Competition post and find the Competitors listed in the Ranking meta-box.

In this example, the League has four Competitors: *.c0 up to *.c3. Click on the first Competitor and the Competitor’s post is displayed (in a new tab).

You can enter the following information for a Competitor.

  • Title
    Any post in WordPress has a title. Enter the Competitor’s name, a team name. The name that will show up in rankings and Matches.
  • Fields (Competitor Data)
    This is the record for an individual Competitor. The radio button is used for selection of the type of Competitor. There are three types:
    • “Member”
      The Competitor is an individual Member of your club. Use the drop-down list to select this Member.
    • “Team Name”
      The Competitor is a team of Members of your club. Insert the team’s name in the text field. After saving the Competitor, Team Players can be assigned to the team.
    • “Name”
      The Competitor is someone (or a team) that is external to your club. Enter a (team) name.

A Competitor participates in a Competition. A Competitor can be marked as being disqualified: all Matches in which the Competitor competed are skipped when computing a ranking.

(Note: the ‘Disable Ranking’ option is specific to the League format.)

  • Categories, content, featured image

Save the entered data (and close the browser tab to return to the Competition post; continue editing the remaining Competitors).