New: support for Ladder Competition

Revision 1.12.4 introduces the Ladder Competition format. A Ladder Competition is a popular format used by clubs for internal competitions.

How does a Ladder work?

A new competitor entering the competition starts start at the lowest rung of the ladder. The goal is to climb the ladder and end on top. This is done by challenging a competitor that has a higher position to play a match. When you win a challenge, you can take the (higher) position on the ladder while the loser moves down. When you loose a challenge, the ranking does not change.

What else changed in this revision?

A bug in exporting Competitions has been fixed.

A new feature for the Individual format has been introduced. It is now possible to compute rankings based on the best N results.

New Features in release 1.12.2

Release 1.12.2 is available now and contains a number of small fixes and some new features.

New features

  1. The shortcode to display invoice data has a new parameter. This parameter determines how invoice data is displayed.
  2. For ease of use, the backend provides more information. First, the invoice metabox on a member page provides more data. Next, a category column has been added for Competitions and Competition Groups.

Fixed issues

  1. Solved a reported bug that “Invoice data was shown when no user is logged in”.
  2. Invoices, Competitors, and Team Players are not part of the search results anymore. As a result, when searching for a name, the Member page is returned only.

Competition format improvement – ‘Individual Scoring’

The Individual Scoring competition format has a small feature improvement.

Customize separator

When using the shortcodes for displaying match results, you can customize the ‘separator’. In addition, if the match result is determined by the sum of all rounds (holes, disciplines, …) the sum is added as well.

For a 9-holes golf competition, you can, for example, achieve

4-3-4-4-4-5-3-4-5 (36)


4 / 3 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 5 / 3 / 4 / 5 (36)

This feature is part of release 1.12.1.

Fix for ShortCodes in version 1.12

Version 1.12 has been released. This contains a change in the implementation  of shortcodes; required to make it compliant to the WordPress standards and recommendations.

If you’re using WordPress’s “do_shortcode(…)” function in your (child) theme, you should now use “echo do_shortcode(…)”. A small but essential change.